The choice is obvious. A Plastic Medicare Card ® is durable, waterproof and guaranteed to last!

People ask, Can I laminate my Medicare Card? Or How can I get a replacement Medicare Card. Well look no further. You can now get your Medicare Card printed on durable plastic.

Professionally Printed Plastic Medicare Cards

Don’t laminate your Medicare Card when you can replace your paper Medicare Card with a Plastic Medicare Card®.  It’s virtually indestructible!  

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Plastic Medicare Card ®

is registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
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An A+ Accredited Business with the Better Business Bureau  

Now offering wallet-size plastic COVID-19 cards! These are available on our main website, 

Platinum Marketing & Design, Inc. is the home of the Plastic Medicare Card®. We have been doing honest good business nationwide since 2007.

We are also an Every Door Direct Mail specialist. Platinum Marketing & Design, Inc. was one of the three original printers recommended by the EDDM division of the US Postal Service.  And have been highly recommended to customers all over the US. 

Happy customers are what it’s all about.

I was tired of the paper Medicare ID card ripping from being in & out of my wallet. I Googled saw Platinum Marketing and Design, ordered and received 2 Medicare ID cards, and can tell you I’m impressed! Everything was exactly as advertised, prompt and courteous service, attention to detail, and a good price. What makes this the best of the best for online ordering is the personal attention from the owner, Joe. He requested to be notified upon receipt of my order. It took me 2 minutes to send him a note and thanking him. He responded with a nice note. It’s like turning the clock back to the 1950’s where business owners genuinely appreciated their customers. Sure, it’s a great product but the best part is knowing Joe genuinely cares about his customers.

Andy S.

Garrett, IN                          12/30/202

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Can I get a plastic Medicare card?

Yes you can! There are no laws or government regulations that prevent you from making a copy of your Medicare card.

In fact, Medicare recommends that you make a copy to carry with you, so you can keep your original Medicare card tucked safely away. So, if you are going to make a copy of your Medicare card anyway, why not make it plastic so it never tears, fades, or creases? We are the home of the plastic Medicare card!


Can I replace my Medicare card online?

Yes you can! Platinum Marketing and Design offers online ordering of professionally printed plastic Medicare Cards.

Our plastic cards are a durable copy of your original Medicare card that you can carry with you and is happily accepted by doctors and medical professionals.

This is not a replacement card per se. It is a copy of your Medicare card printed on durable plastic. You should always keep your original paper card in a safe place.

Can I laminate my Medicare card?

Yes, but why?

While you can laminate your Medicare card, Medicare does not recommend it. Laminated cards tend to be more difficult for providers to make copies of. Still, Medicare does recommend that you make a copy of your Medicare card so that you can keep your original card in a safe place. The problem is that a paper copy is no better than the original Medicare card.

There is however, nothing stopping you from making a plastic copy of your Medicare card. A professionally printed plastic Medicare card allows your provider to make perfect copies for their records, and will last you forever!


Why plastic Medicare cards?

Paper cards offered through Medicare are notorious for getting destroyed. They go through the washer, tear, fade, and even end up going for an inadvertent swim.

Medicare beneficiaries find themselves having to request replacement cards on a fairly regular basis. It can take a month or more to receive your replacement card and you can only order replacements once every thirty days. Plastic Medicare cards are much more durable, fit nicely in your wallet and are easier for providers to photocopy.

Plastic Medicare cards allow you to keep your official paper card in a secure place while always having your Medicare information with you.

It is the last Medicare card you will ever need!


Platinum Marketing & Design has been issued a Trademark from the US Patent and Trademark Office for Plastic Medicare Card®.  After supplying all the documentation to their office so they can do all the necessary background checks on my company

FOR legitimacy, we were approved for Trademark, Plastic Medicare Card®.    Rest assured, the US Patent and Trademark office doesn’t just give this out to anyone.  Please do you due diligence and check us out.  Here is a link to the US Paten and Trademark office with our registration.  USPT Office

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We are not Medicare or pretend to be. We just offer a better option than a paper card. This is not mandatory. It’s your choice, which we think is a great idea!

We will never solicit your business over the phone. This is purely your option to buy and have your Medicare Card printed on plastic. Beware of anyone calling you directly and asking for your information, including bank info or Social Security number, none of which we require or would ask for.

No, we never ask for your Social Security number nor do we require it.

When you check out to pay for your card, you enter your credit card on our secure server to process the payment. Your card details are encrypted and not stored. We never see them.

Platinum Marketing never has access to your credit card information or Social security number.

Platinum Marketing & Design, Inc. is a reputable company that just came up with a better idea. We are an accredited A+ Rated business with the Better Business Bureau, with 5 Star verified reviews. We have been providing print and marketing solutions to customers across the country since 2008.

Look out for Scammers

Be wary of "them".

There are scammers out there who will call you offering plastic Medicare cards.

Platinum Marketing & Design will never call you to solicit your business. The only way you can get a plastic Medicare card is through our secure online order form.

Service you CAN trust!

Platinum Marketing & Design Inc. Platinum Marketing & Design has been providing print marketing services for businesses and individuals for more than a decade, we are an A+ accredited business with the Better Business Bureau and have thousands of satisfied customers.


Just got the card today. Thanks very much. The card is perfect – it’s just what I wanted. Size is just right – same as a credit card, driver’s license, etc. Fits perfectly in my Ridge Wallet along with my other cards.
I’ll be sure to recommend you to my friends.

Glenn Collins | San Jose, CA

I’m new to Medicare and not at all comfortable with the idea of a paper card. I’d suspect I’d probably need to replace it every year since they can’t be laminated. I came across Platinum which offered a plastic Medicare card. I arrived only 2 days after I ordered it (and I ordered it in the evening). I was amazed! The card itself was perfect.

Albert | Philadelphia, PA​

I just wanted to let you know we received our Plastic Medicare Cards and they are beautiful! They are identical to our original paper ones, only much better! They will be much more durable in the long run and I don’t feel like we have to treat them with kid gloves like the paper ones. Thank you so much also for the fast fulfillment of our order. We really appreciate it and I will be glad to recommend you to my friends.

Leon and Janet W. | East Petersburg, PA

Great service and quality Got a plastic printed copy of my paper medicare card. Great Job!. I then ordered a plastic copy of my covid 19 shots and it fits my wallet like a credit card. Lastly i just ordered a covid verification plastic card for my wife. These guys offer great service.

Larry F. | Preston, CT

I’m so glad I found this site! I got my two plastic Medicare cards very quickly they fit perfectly in my wallet with my driver’s license. I am so impressed with the product and the customer service that I shared this site with the company that sold me my Medicare supplement!

Martha D. | Timmonsville, SC

Got the new cards, everything is correct – looks great… Nice to find someone online that is honest and surpasses expectations. I will definitely tell my friends.

Kevin A. | Largo FL

I did a BBB online review for you. It is the first time I have ever done a review online although I have had many requests over the years. Your product is that nice.

Allen T. | Durham, NC

I’m new to Medicare and not at all comfortable with the idea of a paper card. I’d suspect I’d probably need to replace it every year since they can’t be laminated. I came across Platinum which offered a plastic Medicare card. I thought the price was more than fair especially since it also included postage. I arrived only 2 days after I ordered it (and I ordered it in the evening). I was amazed! The card itself was perfect. I would recommend Platinum Marketing without hesitation! Thank you!

Albert from Philly

Hey Joe I did receive the new card and I love it, it’s awesome! way better than that flimsy paper one that literally keeps crumbling every time I pull it out of my wallet now I can leave that paper disaster of a card at home.

Brenda R. - Coeur d'Alene - ID

Thank you for this plastic card. What a great idea! I’m 78 years old and have replaced that paper card at least 3 times! I’m pretty sure this is the last one I’ll ever need! Slides in and out of my wallet so easy too! I’m impressed with the security your site provides is as well! I will be recommending you to all my friends.

Joe O. - Revere, MA

This card is a great product that will last a long time compared to the original paper card from Medicare!


I just received my plastic Medicare Card last week and already used it twice. Once at my doctor’s office and once at the Lab for blood work. Both receptionists were very impressed and wished everyone had this type of card! One said too many cards come in where they can’t scan them because they are too wrinkled or look like they’ve been through the wash! Very happy with my new card! Thank you for the great idea!

Micheal Danworth | Rye, NY

Safe, secure and easy.