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We’re committed to using the best technologies available to protect your personal information. The information you provide is encrypted and sent over a secure connection to the printer.

Once your custom card is printed, it will be securely packaged and mailed to the shipping address you provide.

Your Medicare information is then permanently deleted from our servers.


Platinum Marketing & Design, Inc and Plastic Medicare Card®  are NOT affiliated with Medicare or any other federal or state agency.

To order, enter your Medicare Card details.

Please enter your Medicare information exactly as it appears on your card. All fields are required.

  • Medicare Card Details

    Enter your name exactly as it appears on your Medicare Card.

    Enter your Medicare number exactly as it appears on your Medicare Card. (xxxx-xxx-xxxx)

    Enter the coverage start date exactly as it appears on your Medicare Card.

    Enter the coverage start date exactly as it appears on your Medicare Card.
    If you ONLY have Part A , leave Part B blank.

    You can order duplicates of the same card at a discount. To buy additional different cards, add this card to your cart and come back to fill out the form again.


    Under penalty of perjury, I attest that the Medicare number I have provided is assigned to me. I understand that attempting to claim someone elses Medicare information is fraud and is punishable by federal law.

    I have read and agree to Platinum Marketing and Design's Terms of Use policy.

    I have double checked all information entered is correct and understand the card will be printed exactly as it has been input here.


1 for only $9.95 total
2 cards just $12.95 total
3 cards just $14.95 total

Note: 2nd and 3rd cards are duplicate cards. You may order additional cards for another person after adding this card to your cart.

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