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These guys are legit. When I had payment issues on my part they helped me through an alternate process. I completely understand why anyone would be skeptical of them as they appear to be the only one doing this. But their story as to why explains it all. I like my perfect plastic Medicare Card. I do not like paper permanent documents so this was perfect.

Jeffery H

I placed an order for a plastic Medicare for both myself and my wife, and the arrived in less than a week. They are  perfect replicas of the crummy paper ones that the government sends. I highly recommend that is on Medicare to get one of these cards. It will last 100 times longer than the standard paper ones.

Darrell P

The service was outstanding and the product is great. I was looking for a replacement for my original cardboard Medicare card. The original was too big (not the same size as a standard business card or credit card) and didn’t fit well within my Ridge Wallet. The plastic card from Platinum fits perfectly and is very durable – just what I wanted. Thank you Mr G.!


Glenn C

Great shopping experience! Communication was excellent. The service was quick and reliable. The product and pricing exceeded expectations. The plastic Medicare card is a much better alternative for durability than the paper card Medicare provides. Highly recommend this company.

Bruce B

I just received my plastic Medicare Card last week and already used it twice. Once at my doctor’s office and once at the Lab for blood work. Both receptionist were very impressed and wished everyone had this type card! One said too many cards come in where they can’t scan them because they are too wrinkled or look like they’ve been through the wash! Very happy with my new card! Thank you for the great idea!

My mom got her plastic Medicare card and she loves it! It’s so easy and secure to purchase online too. This one will last and you won’t have to go and laminate your own card and then it doesn’t even fit in your wallet! This card fits easily into your wallet with no worry of tearing every time you need to take it out & put it back in. Pretty sure all the doctors will be impressed too when my mom whips this card out!

“What a great idea! I’m 78 years old and have replaced that paper card at least 3 times! I’m pretty sure this is the last one I’ll ever need! Slides in and out of my wallet so easy too! I’m impressed with the security your site provides is as well! I will be recommending you to all my friends.”  

I ordered a plastic Medicare Card at a very reasonable price.. I could not be more happy. Platinum Marketing and Design made it easy to order and the customer service was fantastic. The cards are a great product and fit in my wallet perfectly. I Would recommend this company to others. Derek

I just wanted to let you know we received our Plastic Medicare Cards and they are beautiful! They are identical to our original paper ones, only much better! They will be much more durable in the long run and I don’t feel like we have to treat them with kid gloves like the paper ones. Thank you so much also for the fast fulfillment of our order. We really appreciate it and I will be glad to recommend you to my friends. **** and ***** **

Leon and Janet W

A great idea for a product that fills a need for something better than the flimsy cards the government issues, it’s just what I was looking for.  Ordering was quick and easy, delivery was timely, a thumbs up for everything.

John M